Skin clinic services

Skin Hero is a specialist mobile skin clinic working across the North Island to empower women and men to look and feel their very best.

Whatever your skin concern, Skin Hero can help, whether it’s using injectables, laser treatments, or a combination of both.


Our mobile skin clinic offers a complete range of injectables to combat wrinkles, fill fine lines, plump lips, and to provide skin hydration and remodelling. Suzy Poole, our cosmetic injector nurse, is highly experienced in all aspects of cosmetic injectables, following a life long interest in skin and beauty.

Botox®: anti-wrinkle and muscle relaxant injections

Botox® is an effective treatment that reduces signs of ageing. It’s a well-researched injectable with a history dating back over 20 years, and has a reputation for being the best deep wrinkle filler.

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Dermal fillers for lips, wrinkles, and more

Dermal fillers sculpt your face to give you the look you’ve always wanted. Suzy, our skin clinic’s cosmetic injector nurse, is highly experienced in achieving the results you’re looking for.

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Profhilo® treatment

Hydrate your skin from within: Profhilo® boosts skin hydration, elasticity, and firmness using an ultra-pure hyaluronic acid injectable gel. It offers a significant tightening and lifting effect on your skin, on both face and body.

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Laser treatments

Not all laser treatments are equal: at Skin Hero skin clinic, we only use the Sciton® laser, specifically BBL® and Moxi™.

Suzy Poole, the Skin Hero, offers free consultations to give you the right advice on the best treatment to suit your needs. Contact your nearest Skin Hero cosmetic clinic to arrange your consultation.

BBL® and BBL Hero® laser treatments for face and body

Skin Hero uses a Sciton® laser at our mobile laser clinic. This is a BBL® machine with Broad Band Light therapy technology and can treat a wide variety of conditions on both the face and on the body.

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Moxi™ skin rejuvenation for face and body

Enjoy more evenly toned, radiant, and clear skin from head to toe with Moxi laser treatments. Ideal for prejuvenation: delaying the appearance of ageing, or looking to maintain beautiful skin.

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Laser hair removal

Our BBL® laser takes hair removal to the next level: broad band light makes for the best laser hair removal experience, as it’s faster and more comfortable than traditional treatments.

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