Moxi™ Laser

Moxi™ laser: skin rejuvenation for face and body

Enjoy more evenly toned, radiant, and clear skin from head to toe with Moxi™ laser treatments. Moxi™ treatments are ideal for the prejuvenation demographic: those who wish to delay the appearance of ageing, or looking to maintain their beautiful skin with little to no downtime or discomfort. Say goodbye to signs of sun damage and ageing.

You can accelerate and extend the results of your treatment with an effective skincare routine. When you come for your treatment, Skin Hero will recommend the best products to use – and how to use them.

Moxi™ treatments at our skin clinic last a quick 8 to 10 minutes, and improvements are seen after just one session – no matter the season or skin type.

Combining Moxi™ treatments with BBL®

BBL® and Moxi™ treatments can be combined: when used together, they provide synergistic and dramatic results. They both heat the deeper skin layers, which stimulates the body’s natural production of fresh collagen and elastin. Moxi™ is designed to deliver dramatic tonal and textural improvements to your face, while BBL® repairs rosacea, resolves red spots, and improves skin texture. They are an amazing and powerful combination of treatments.

Skin Hero will be able to advise on the best course of laser treatments to achieve your appearance goals – book your consultation with us.

Moxi™ laser treatments: before and after photos

Here’s what we’ve achieved for our clients with Moxi™ laser:

FAQs: frequently asked questions about Moxi™ treatments

You’ll initially have a detailed consultation to determine if you’re a good candidate for Moxi™.

If so, your skin will be cleansed and prepped, and you’ll have safety goggles to protect your eyes. Next, we apply a cooling gel to the area being treated.

Numbing cream will be applied as this phase of the treatment can only be carried out by a registered nurse.

This will remain on for at least 20 mins

Some areas on the skin will be more sensitive than others.

The treatment will take 8 to 10 minutes depending on the size of the area being treated.

You can expect redness and heat in the skin for a few hours following a Moxi™ treatment. Mild swelling can occur the following day. It’s also normal for your skin to feel rough like sandpaper for a few days while your skin heals.

Do not receive a BBL® or Moxi™ skin treatment if you:

  • Have been tanning in the sun or using sunbeds.
  • Have used fake tans 2 weeks prior.
  • Are on strong antibiotics, using Retin-A, or bleaching cream.
  • Have a history of melanoma or have active skin infections.
  • If you have a history of cold sore (herpes) outbreaks, we recommend seeing your General Practitioner prior to treatment for anti-viral medication, to take on the day of the treatment to prevent an outbreak from occurring.